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Man: 46y (USA) 4.6k visits

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I love being fucked and being fucked hard. I have to have a man that has no hesitation in being assertive. No matter where we are or what we are doing. Grab my ass slam a finger or two in my pussy or two in the pink one in the stink and I'm ready to go. Seriously don't stare at my ass and tits all day dreaming about what you want to do to me and make me wait until we are in bed and then do nothing that you day dreamed about. Be a man and let me know I'm gonna be your whore and do what you want to me when you want me to. That's what will turn me on and get me going and once you get me going there isn't much I won't do.


Man: 23y (Brazil) 2.6k visits

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Se quiser falar cmg pra trocar nudes ou apenas jogar conversa fora, só falar por aqui ou twitter: @sinbswitch Sou versátil e não tenho problemas em comer ou dar pra vc na mesma noite, apesar de n estar a fim de real por causa da pandemia. Quem tem fetiche em meias é só comentar pq eu tenho uma coleção e adoro me mostrar na net rsrs

Impio Viana

Gay man: 24y (Brazil) 122.2k visits

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Começando agora o canal! Comentando, dando like, ou favoritando meus vídeos, você me ajuda demais a continuar! SE INSCREVA ❤️ Bora gozar. Instagram/Twitter: @impioviana ______________________________________________ New channel here! You can help me a lot with your comments, likes, and adding my videos to your favourites! SUBSCRIBE ❤️ Let's cum. Instagram/Twitter: @impioviana

Jr Kingswap

Gay man: 23y (USA) 18.2k visits

10 videos - 167 favs - 46 photos

If you're in LA use my ass! Snap- Joshnickson1

Ramses Kl

Man: 54y (Malaysia) 4.7k visits

2 videos


Man: 20y (Brazil) 5k visits

7 videos

Oii tenho 19 aninhos e sou bisexual. Estou sempre com tesão! Gosto de compartilhar minhas experiências divertidas. Vem gozar comigo!


Gay man: 26y (Mexico) 5k visits

5 photos

ingresando al mundo porno....

Pollon Encocado

Man: 38y (Spain) 23.4k visits

6 videos - 249 favs - 25 photos

Me gusta colocarme con coca y que me miren la polla como se encoge (y eso que la tengo grande) del colocon y se pone small cock. Y si comentais, hago mas videos y fotos, i poneis me gusta. gracias... Tambien hago espectaculos para que memiren, podeis contactar con chat d aqui


Gay man: 44y (Switzerland) 1.9k visits

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Rough raw kink pig love fetish male in leather bound hard fucks fists whips

Cutie Indian

Man: 29y (India) 7.8k visits

2 videos

we are a indian couple living in delhi,recently married for a year. about me i have a long dick of 6.5 inches and fair body, everyone loves me for my dick. i have a very sexy slim wife whom i fuck her in weekends. i will be uploading our videos too but without faces.

The Hoovermouth

Gay man: 42y (USA) 308.6k visits

52 videos



Man: 20y (Colombia) 11.6k visits

2 videos

Chico colombiano ??? Caliente con una Verga grande ?? Mis redes sociales en el link ??


Man: 52y (Germany)

2 videos

Auf der Suche nach Spaß… :)


Man: 32y (Turkey) 6.6k visits

19 photos

Living turkey and waiting in İstanbul :)


Gay man: 52y (United Kingdom) 225.2k visits

67 videos

Have a profile on Fabguys com as Joseph Barnes for hookups. Love big thick cocks or double Penetration. Would love to go to USA and become a porn star for sure but don't have the looks or the body. Want to find Hung men who like to fuck hard and deep (on cam or make videos [(no faces [optional)].


Gay man: 25y (Canada) 2.2k visits

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Gay man: 46y (USA)

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Kimora Simmons

Man: (Colombia) 7.9k visits

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Man: 32y (The Moon)



Man: 42y / 7.3k visits

3 videos - 1,884 favs - 3 photos

HYS dah_fay_gay Fabriqué À Taïwan J'adore voyager I Can do stand_up comedy; Kneel_down coq sucking Je cherche UN mari £iche 1 Million Schweizer Franken 英京國粵德法菲葡韓台日語OK_là


Gay man: 33y (Brazil) 17.6k visits

37 photos

#Black-pauzudo São Luís -M ZAP..098-987260172 Facebook..Adílio lopes. Adí[email protected]


Man: 48y (Germany) 1.2k visits


Man: 37y (Brazil) 2.1k visits

5 videos - 10 photos

Cara tranquilo Atv- Versatil


Man: 42y (USA) 4.9k visits

253 favs

I am just a guy that watches porn and looking for my special one.


Man: 24y (Mexico) 10.2k visits

12 favs

"Bottom, i love sex, make a blowjob, the porn is my pasion" "Pasivo, me encanta el sexo, hacer mamadas , el porno es mi pasión " 1.80, big ass


Man: 29y (Canada) 1.8k visits

4 videos

That gaysian slut likes to leak.


Man: 20y (Colombia) 8.1k visits

8 videos

Amateur porn content creator; lover of art and pleasure; i like horror movies and ci-fi; in this place you can find my free porn content made with love and horny feelings for you; if you want a custom porn video just writte me in my inbox and i will make any of your desires become real


Gay man: 29y (Brazil) 4.5k visits

15 videos - 16 photos

Ator : pitter alves Twiter : @pitteralves1 Instar :Alvees1942 Facebook: Alves Alves Meu site :


Gay man: (Brazil) 8.6k visits

7 videos

Somos um casal gay, criamos esse perfil para mostrar um pouco das nossas aventuras.


Man: (Turkey) 8.3k visits

6 videos - 68 photos

Gowda Hhh

Man: 33y (India) 32.7k visits

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Man: 28y (Argentina) 14.6k visits

9 videos - 7 favs - 5 photos

Hola SOMOS PAREJA MI MUJER Cecilia Aranibar Pimentel de 33 años y Maxi bf de 26 años somos de bs as capital me encanta el sexo Soy de CABA, amo el sexo oral (que me lo hagan) y el sexo anal (hacerlo) tengo y acepto a todas las mujeres y hombres stoy disponible para trios dejen su comentario para hacer videos..pregunten Facebook mi pareja spyke y wsp y suscribanse.. gracias


Man: 26y (Ukraine) 1.7k visits

8 favs

model name - Lumeun


Man: 28y (Colombia) 3.7k visits

7 videos

Guayaquil. Hey me encanta conocer gente nueva y salir de viaje, Español/English/Русский En Ecuador


Man: 24y (Bangladesh) 3.6k visits

Down for anything?


Man: 24y (Chile) 47.5k visits

11 videos - 2 favs

Este perfil esta dedicado a todos/as las personas que les gusta y gozan del morbo y los vides caseros de chilenos bien calientes. TODAS las personas que aparecen en mis videos son mayores de edad.


Man: 50y (USA)

4 videos

I'm a 50yr old bisexual male i am dominant.

Morenodotado Do Sul

Man: 32y (Brazil) 2.3k visits

Gosto de dar leitinho pra vcs


Gay man: 34y (USA) 43.5k visits

39 videos - 56 favs

Just a dog on a keyboard... UwU | I'm far from camera shy and I love cock. I've wanted to be a porn star since I first discovered it's existence. So, granted this isn't quite what I had imagined, it's still just as much fun!


Gay man: 29y (Canada) 3.1k visits

2 videos


Gay man: 29y (Brazil) 8.5k visits

226 favs

Seja direto e chega sem dó. Discreto, guloso e cheio de vontade. *Fotos e vídeos somente para amigos* Chama no chat, bora bater um papo e ver se rola uma real


Man: (Brazil) 6.1k visits

70 favs - 25 photos

Adoro sexo , assisto vídeos curto umas fotos


Man: 59y (USA) 49.8k visits

19 videos - 37 favs - 32 photos

My album cover summarizes my obsession. Straight mwm for twenty yrs and ended up with a big cock fetish because I saw my wife getting cock like I’d never be able to give her. I became absolutely addicted to my wife getting her big dick fix. I spied and instantly knew I was bested. Why I got off so much to her cheating idk but seeing her and more importantly hearing her main groan grunt and wailing was mind blowing. I knew then I wasn’t going to give her my 7” I’d think of her being impaled and him making her take it , her squirming trying to get away, then pulling him into her. And again the noises were the most powerful. They make me cum like a cuck in no time. I couldn’t control myself and came so quickly I was embarrassed even when I was alone lol. She just never sounded so loud or orgasmic, she chibbered, like she was freezing. Now that’s going all the way from head to toe cumming. That’s why I am hunting for her experience with a man. He got her ass first time. She gave it up to him!! I’ll always see it when it popped in...She Always dictated the sex, always Sometimes I'd get a pat on the shoulder after spending sixty minutes trying to get her off, I really had to work. And afterwards she'd crack, don't cum a couple minutes after you get hard ..but its ok daddy then a snicker as she tapped my cock.. It is a fucking weiner , a quick draw. I spent more time in the book stores, just about every day comparing my cock and wanting to hold something bigger, always. Big dicks mesmerizied me, my wife getting so passionate when she was railed deeply. I was enthralled to touch one. One day the big dick guy I'd fantasized about came in my booth. I was stroking and he told me to put it up and showed me what a big cock felt like, I was smitten and hooked. I would soon feel a real man deep inside me. She was going out with and without me. Had a hot wife and didn't know it until late. Every sign was there in retrospect but I didn't snap to it. I always came in a few minutes, stupidly I would picture her cumming hard on a big cock and that's all it took, dammit! She would ask me if i wanted fuck that pussy a few minutes after me trying to hide that i came. Id finger and go down on her for the next half hour, hoping my cock would get hard again. My wife taunted me by going out the door Friday nights and saying it's girls night out or some other BS. With a wink she was out the door. She dressed better, smelled better and always always came home feeling better..i so badly wanted to watch her. I Was obsessed and could cum like a light switch thinking of her getting drilled deep. Was he cumming inside her? I was sure he was. I became a pussy in a sense, i had the opportunity to do the same, she said go for it you'll have fun. I tried but found myself in a booth jacking to cock. . I wanted to get fucked like she was. Fuck she became the 5th grade hotwife social studies teacher who loved big dick and could take it to. Where was she ten years ago?? When I asked too many questions she would say everything is fine, you have nothing to worry about I still love you ..this pang I felt was like cumming very hard a spasm-like ache that told me she was getting the cock she wanted and i was free to do the same. I knew I would cum too fast if I tried to fuck her, it would then reinforce i didn’t compare. Her friend jeanine knew the situation and i was embarrassed to be around her. I suspect she told others, it was irritating and worrisome too but it is just too easy for me to lose it. . Cuck, I knew the feeling of that now. She found my obsession, what i jack off so hard to, and also what else im infatuated with. A beautiful cock nice and smooth with big veins displaying power. I began to want that more than her. All of this was on the CPU I heard her gasp then say what the hell? My fantasy pics weren't secret, nothing was. She sat there slack jawed while I could only watch her looking at pic after pic of my huge toy(shane diesel casting) pic of me comparing my cock to that massive manhood. My hand truly won't go around all the way. She knew I was average and had a complex about it. Totally fucking shocked but ready to cum at the same time. He had to be 8" around at least. I came helplessly in 30 seconds. Sharing didn't do anything for her, so she didn't bother. She had mentioned a while back in a stern angry tone that would never happen-ever. We were both aware of her hotwife status now. It struck fear in me because how do u compete with that much girth? You don't. The guy is a stud and ive followed him a few times to. Finally one evening I got lucky. We were at jeanine's for a party and i had to work that night. Who the fuck shows up acting like a total stranger!! FM I felt like a pussy magnified. She played the game well. Fuck this I skipped work and feined leaving. Take a guess where they slipped off to..our house. I was officially ruined seeing her get submitted, her pussy made so much noise it and she fucking almost cried after she came. The deep kissing was disturbing too. I wanted to experience what she did. That became my obsession and #1 goal going to run into him ...i saw this dude scoot into a bookstore i go to. Im so going to hook up with him. I want to smell her pussy on his cock. Ive seen him put it on my wife like nobody's business.....I got that dick, all of it! He stopped seeing the wife and this guy is all over me to be he point where I'm going to get caught dammit. She tried her once a month fuck and I couldn't get it up for her having been dicked down past submission just hours before, shit it was almost funny, my dick wasn't going anywhere and she wasn't happy. I can see why she was drawn to him though. He says all the right things and has a cock that really is beautiful. I'm infatuated that he wants to be deep in my ass all of the time, it's unlike anything I'd ever felt. I wonder if she plans to find another? She would never ever be cool with me knowing or watching. She made it clear , don’t ask! I’ll tell you what I want and when. If you be a bitch about it I’ll cut you off of little bit you get now. I really want to feel a big dick I’m in Houston. Please get in touch and I will be sure that you can take me like a true stud. I’m like 3” soft and get to 7”. Grower not a shower


Gay man: 34y (Guatemala) 4k visits

5 videos

Hola, Tengo 32 años soy Leo, vivo en Ciudad de Guatemala, me gusta tomarme videos y fotos desnudo, mi atractivo son mis nalgas y la verga solo 15 cm pero bien jugueton.


Man: 37y (USA) 3.3k visits

26 favs

I'm a sexy bi black stud

Marlon Corttez

Man: 23y (Brazil) 12.4k visits

3 videos


Man: 42y (USA) 6.6k visits

2 videos - 1 fav

I’m a total bottom in Tempe, AZ. Love to suck and love taking lo up my hole no pulling out. Into slender total tops who are looking to get me pregnant. Love being a cum dump for twinks, thugs, Cholos, bruthas, and jocks of all races. Use my ass and record it. Give me your load and let’s have some fun if you’re in the ASU area.


Man: 50y (USA) 1.4k visits

I'm open to try just about anything at least once if I like it I'll do it more if I don't then, I won't I'm really looking forward to meeting a shemale is super sexy and has a big cock and it is adventurous and likes to play sometimes maybe public


Man: 54y (USA) 4.1k visits

1 fav - 5 photos

Hippie peace freak hottie, and clean sexy endowed experienced man. Do you like what you see? Do you want to see more?? What do you have in mind? ? Looking for playmates . Drop a line!


Man: 45y (USA) 3.4k visits

15 favs - 2 photos

Always horny, love to breed and eat a nice hole

Tony Dias

Gay man: 30y (Brazil) 185k visits

37 videos - 3 favs - 3 photos

Ator brasileiro - Natural do Maranhão - Residente no Rio de Janeiro -Copacabana - Brasil Possuo um rica carreira em diversos filmes para Hotboys -Bang Bang - Net Gay-e Meninos Online- Perfil dedicado aos meus seguidores e fans


Man: 24y (Brazil) 8.4k visits

Sou bissexual,metrossexual,orgulhoso,rebelde WhatsApp : 15 988407314


Man: 43y (USA) 2.1k visits

5 favs


Man: 36y (South Africa) 2.8k visits


Johnny Fam

Man: 31y (USA) 34k visits

28 videos - 1,203 favs

kik me @ johnnyyaj | email @ [email protected] for private conversation. Snapchat : johnny_yaj


Man: (USA) 72k visits

5 videos - 114 favs - 63 photos

im into, raw and BB good times I like shaved pubes and balls, outdoor sex,leather,cockrings,slings, big toys,pissplay,being watched,groups,rimming,swallowing thick lo,gloryholes,straight guys,roleplay with younger boys,,


Man: 42y (USA) 2.2k visits

11 videos


Man: 32y (Peru) 100k visits

5 videos - 15 photos

Soy un chico Activo buena onda me encantaria conocer gentita linda sin distincion de genero y compartir . Mujeres y lgtv. me encanta el material amateur y porsupuesto que podriamos quedar para vernos. Vibras

Gay Furry Chick

Man: 21y (Mexico) 3.2k visits

3 videos

20 y/o Bi Furry femboy, I like to make people cum ;) Telegram: Twitter: @LunarFoxAD1


Man: 31y (Vietnam) 1.5k visits

2 videos

Follow me yeah yeah yeah


Man: 40y (USA) 1.8k visits

1 photo

Looking for some cool people to know and hopefully more ? Bi and very open to new experiences.


Man: 51y (United Kingdom) 5.5k visits

343 favs

Flint Wolf

Gay man: 29y (USA) 119.9k visits

37 videos - 4 photos


Man: 49y (USA) 2.8k visits

44 favs


Man: 26y (USA) 7.9k visits

4 videos

Seattle boy 22 and looking for fun;)) kik:connorwat Snap- Gayboy1414 love all kinda of sex im vers and will do anything and everything


Man: 21y (USA) 3.8k visits

2 videos

Asian boy, hot taste if u wanna play with me just message me now!


Man: 30y (Mexico) 3.1k visits

33 videos - 145 photos

Me gustan las aventuras sexuales

Gak Key

Man: 25y (USA) 1.1k visits

4 videos

First LGBT Big Gak Member #grownasskids Nyc Verse Freak Wet Mouth


Man: 33y (Morocco) 4.1k visits

5 videos

Hello im now in russia im here for make you happy


Man: 58y (USA) 6.9k visits

2 videos - 2 favs - 11 photos

I am a big guy who loves pleasing other men of all sizes, ages, and races. A service pig at heart for sure.


Man: 32y (USA)

5 videos - 26 photos

I’m a big bellied thick thighed guy who loves to cum. I love seeing how far and how much I can cum. I’ll admit I’m self conscious about my body so doing this is a big step for me but I’m curious to see who would like my body or if im able to make you cum. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see feel free to message me and let me know, or just messsge me dirty stuff ;)


Man: (Belgium) 2.9k visits

2 videos - 17 favs - 10 photos

48, man, België, bi. Snap: belgianguy71 interesses: 18-25 jongens/meisjes Zoek een sauna buddie 18-25 jongen/meisje Erotic massage met happy ending, blowjob, handjob, edging


Man: 27y (India) 1.1k visits

7 videos

I wanna explore everything which is situated in this world, wanna make some love and Bang new pussy, i you want to cast in your movies so text me


Gay man: 31y (Brazil) 13.1k visits

22 videos - 15 favs - 46 photos

Vídeos de sexo a vídeos a solo.... Novinhos em ação


Gay man: (Germany) 100.7k visits

36 videos - 691 photos

ich bin frankreich geboren, in schweden,frankreich gelebt und nun in berlin seit 2003. in deutschland seit 1981. alles was sex angeht: ich bin flexibel und lege mich ungern fest. ja ich mag bareback, mich stört nun mal ein kondom in meinem arsch und auf meinem schwanz. my telegram group: . . .&


Man: 18y (USA) 2.6k visits

11 videos


Man: 37y (USA) 4.6k visits

310 favs - 3 photos


Gay man: (Italy) 14.6k visits

6 videos - 76 favs - 5 photos

Im gay boy. I like fucking, masturbate...


Man: 24y (Italy) 4.8k visits


Man: 39y (USA) 3k visits

2 favs - 21 photos

I'm a fuckin mess im into just about anything sex the only limit i have is shit straight no go other than that im open